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Chloë Shaw-Jackson

Chloë Shaw-Jackson is married and has two children. With a French mother and an English father, Chloë is bilingual. She has a degree in biological sciences from the ULB. She then continued her scientific studies at UCL with a PhD thesis (summa cum laude) and post doctorate in science with a focus on molecular biology. For over 20 years, she has been involved in assisted procreation as an embryologist and has been working at the CHU St Pierre in Brussels. She has a diploma in teaching and taught biology, physics and chemistry in secondary school. A few years ago, Chloë's interest turned to nutrition and health. Indeed, she was diagnosed by ultrasound and blood tests with a non-alcoholic steatosis of the liver (fatty liver) and her husband with type II diabetes. The implementation of a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting had a spectacular result! Both were declared cured of their pathologies. So, it was with great passion that Chloë began to read on the subject. A cyclic ketogenic diet was adapted as a lifelong eating strategy in her family.

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« My professionnel aim is to continually learn and apply new scientific approaches to improve health and well-being . »

Chloë Shaw Jackson (PhD)

Today, she is a certified ketogenic nutrition and fasting coach (Method of Dr Eric Berg, USA). As a scientist, her eagerness to learn is boundless and so she has just completed a two-year course in health and nutrition (Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition. Doctor Coudron, Paris). She has been accompanying people who wish to lose weight with long-term stability, regain energy, improve their general health or simply learn to eat intelligently. She likes to pass on her experience and share her knowledge with others in the field of nutrition and health. She has started collaborating with doctors, psychologists, organic shops, bakers, restaurants to help people in the best possible way.

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